A Short History of the Designer Dog Collar

The designer dog collar seems like a relatively new concept in these style-conscious times we live in. However, the fact is that they date back as far as the Egyptian period in 3000 BC, where collars have been found with beautifully and elaborately designed patterns emblazoned upon them.

Initially, the working dogs in ancient Greece would have studded collars, as would have dogs around the time of the Middle Ages in England and Britain. Although this would have been to protect the dogs from wolf attacks, it later became a symbol to show the dogs aggression, and scare off potential poachers and thieves.

In the Renaissance period, Copper kettle it would not have been unusual to have seen a dog sporting a lock on its collar. This lock would have a key kept by the owner which of course only he could unlock, thus proving the dog was his. These were especially grand in design and often made of gold or silver.

Pampered pooches of the royals and aristocrats would have worn specially-designed collars with gold and silver collars, to show their owners wealth. They would also be inscribed with their owner’s name rather than the dogs, often as well as a proverb or witty saying.

Nowadays, designer dog collars can be anything from bespoke designs to hand-stitched patterns, and all manner of other ideas that are constantly being created to satisfy this ever increasing market. It does seem that the designer dog collar has a well established place in our dog-mad society.

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