Electromagnet Vibrational Energy Cancer Tumor Zappers?

In the future vibrational medicine techniques will be used to attack disease, and boost the immune system by setting the cells at exactly the most optimum frequencies. But that’s not all predict many bio-tech futurist thinkers, medical device engineers, Science Fiction Writers, and inventors. They believe such a scenario can be used to stop cancer.

In fact, one inventor has already come up with such a device called; The Kanzius RF Field Generator. Invented by John Kanzius no doubt. He has a working prototype and figures he can bring it to market for around 1-2 million dollars, and we agreed when looking at his scheme at the Online Think Tank zapper machine for sale .

The Israelis have developed a similar tool, not quite the same, but it uses ultrasound to take out fat cells and it uses a directional approach and sends the sound around major organs in the body and it attacks only the fat cells. Once they are gone, they cannot ever store fat again, so it works much better than going on a diet, only to gain the weight back again.

Are we witnessing the dawn of a new age in cancer tumor fighting? Can inventors and innovators that are clearly ahead of their time like John Kanzius really use electromagnetic energy fields to cancel out cancer, and zap those cells? Many believe so and it is only a matter of time, when the correct amount of Venture Capital and funding meets up with the high-tech world of biotech. Please consider this, and we might all never have to worry about cancer again.

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