Syllabus and Tips for SAT Exam

Education plays a very crucial role in person’s life. It helps in making one’s future bright. Students can make their career in various fields of studies. Students should be provided with proper counselling and should choose their streams accordingly. There are plenty of streams available in which students can make their career. To get admissions in colleges, there are various competition exams which students need to clear beforehand and clear the procedure of getting admission in the college. These various exams are conducted to review the candidate’s readiness and his/her skills and abilities whether he/she is the right candidate for the admission.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is one such exam which helps in measuring the readiness and to analyse the skills and abilities of the candidates and is taken by the students who wants to get admission in undergraduate colleges. Students should well prepare for the exam. Students can get SAT coaching in Noida from the various well-known institutes situated there. SAT exam evaluates the candidate’s writing, verbal and mathematical abilities. Candidates who want to pursue undergraduate course especially in US and Canada have to take the SAT exam. It is a paper-based exam and the maximum marks of the test is 1600. The SAT exam scores are valid for 5 years from the date the exam was taken. SAT exam is one ofthe key factors on which the admission is given to a student. The exam of SAT includes the following sections:

  • Mathematics: This part consists of 57 questions and the allotted time is 80 minutes. This section is scored in the range between 200-800. The questions in this part is related to problem-solving, data analysis, advanced maths, algebra, etc.
  • Reading: 52 questions are there in this section, 65 minutes are allocated for this section. Reading section is scored in the range between 200-800 combined with writing section. The questions are related to the topics of sentence completion, multiple meaning words, complex structure vocab and reading comprehensions.
  • Writing and Language: This section includes 44 questions and 35 minutes are allotted for this section. This part is scored in the range between 200-800 combined with reading section. Questions are related to the expression of ideas and standard English conventions.
  • Essay: The essay is optional which means it is over the candidate whether he/she wants to attempt the essay or not. 50 minutes are allotted for the essay. It is related with the evaluating an argument along with analysis of evidence.

To prepare for the exam, students require discipline, motivation and be regular in their studies and should make a proper routine and follow that same routine. Various well-known institutes provide SAT coaching in Noida and provide guidance to students to prepare for the exam. Students should solve the previous year papers or the sample papers that are available online on the various sites, which will help them in evaluating their own performance, will develop confidence in the students and will prepare them for the day of the exam. And students should reach the exam centre before time which will help in tackling anxiety.

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